Datasheet for Mondo Spider

Physical Specifications

Specification Value
Weight ~1700 lb
Length 8 ft
Width 8 ft
Height 5 ft
Passengers Pilot only; single occupancy vehicle.

Power Plant and Drive Train

Specification Value
Battery Pack 48V, 160Ahr 16 cell Lithium Iron Phosphate
Electric Motors Twin E-tek Et-R permanent magnet
Motor Controllers Twin Altrax AXE 300 Amp
System Gross Power 12hp continuous, 30hp peak
Electric Motor Max RPM 3360 rpm @ 48V Unloaded
Spider Juice Electrons
Spider Blood High Temperature Hydraulic Oil
Max Hydraulic Fluid Flow 40 GPM
Max Hydraulic Pressure 2500 psi
Hydraulic Motor Max Torque 470-ft-lbs
Linkage Crank Max Torque 1180-ft-lbs
Hydraulic Pumps Ronzio PZ2CG25 gear pump
Hydraulic Motors Sauer-Danfoss OMS315
Drive Train Heavy Duty ANSI #50 Roller Chain Drive

Performance Characteristics

Specification Value
Maximum Speed 4 ft/sec (a brisk walking pace)
Range 14 km
Steering Dual Proportional Valves control left and right side
Turning Radius Capable of spinning “on the spot”
Stride 2 ft
Maximum footstrikes per second 2.6