Mondo Spider and Titanoboa Terrorize CES

As featured on Tested, Popular Mechanics, The Verge, Engadget, and IGN; The Mondo Spider turned some heads towards the power of art when mixed with technology at CES. CES is hardly an Art Festival, but it’s a great place for us to reach out to hard core technology experts and those who love our kind of work. We were also treated extremely well by our sponsor Lenovo. (Photo credit to Humanoides).

Jonathan Tippett riding the spider at CES.

Jonathan Tippett riding the spider at CES.

Jan 2013 Update: we are rebuilding this site.

The Mondo Spider is a collaborative contemporary art project that challenges the dominant perception of locomotion, energy and power through the process of creating and exhibiting a 1,500lb 8-legged electro-mechanical walking vehicle. Coupled with our 3kW solar array, Mondo Spider is regularly exhibited internationally with the aim of inspiring awe and wonder.

Jan 2013 update:

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